Doctors’ Campaign against the NHS Reforms

The NHS Risk Register for London has been published and you can read the damning report in The Green Benches website  It is imperative that we stop the implementation before it is too late and everyone make their feelings known in any way they can.

Dr. Peedell, a cancer specialist and co-chair of the NHS Consultants’ Association said they hoped to field as many candidates as possible at the next General Election and target senior LibDems as well as vulnerable Tories in marginal seats.  It is really good news that Dr. Clive Peedell and other doctors have decided to challenge the Coalition government on the undemocratic way they are enforcing the NHS reforms and we need to help them in any way we can.

To facilitate this process there will be a need to gather and promulgate information and I would like to offer this website as a forum for any support that the doctors require.  The doctors may set up their own campaigning website but in the interim, if anyone has any information that they think will be useful to the doctors please send them in ( and I will post them on this website.


About mpswhobetrayedthenhs

I am passionate about the NHS and feel it should be protected as a national treasure and should not be tampered with for party political reasons.
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