Doctors Establish New Political Party to Fight NHS Reforms

I took this picture of Richard Taylor in Janua... The NHS Reforms are being railroaded through in spite of the fact that neither of the Coalition Parties have any mandate for it and a majority of the voters are against these reforms.  It is felt that the reforms have been instigated for ideological reasons i.e. to bring in privatisation by the back door rather than to make the NHS more efficient and cost effective.  The Government has refused to listen to the employees and medical experts who work in the NHS and this has led some doctors, with the support of the public, to decide to stand against the Coalition Government at the next general election. The Doctors are in the process of forming a political party that will target a number of key Tory/LibDem seats at the next General Election.  If they win seats, their aim is not to run the country but to inform the public, influence debate and policy in the House of Commons. Dr. Clive Peedell informs us that the doctors have agreed on a name for the new NHS political party which will be known as the National Health Action Party (NHA Party).  The party will be registered with the Electoral Commission soon.  Dr. Richard Taylor and Dr. Clive Peedell will be the co-Leaders of the Party. An official website, twitter feed and Facebook will be set up soon which will provide details on how to join the Party, support and donate funds to it.  Currently the NHA Party is using the hashtag #nhaparty but it is being debated whether it should be changed to #NHSparty. I will post details of the website as soon as I hear further.  Please help the NHA Party with donations and support and vote for them should they stand in your constituency.

Please follow new Official Twitter feed of National Health Action party for latest updates @NHAparty


About mpswhobetrayedthenhs

I am passionate about the NHS and feel it should be protected as a national treasure and should not be tampered with for party political reasons.
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