Jeremy Hunt Retreats After Threat of Legal Action

After receiving a letter from the lawyers, Jeremy Hunt has written to Andy Burnham denying that his tweet accused Andy Burnham of personally covering up failings of hospitals while he was Secretary of Health.  You can read both his original tweet and his recently tweeted letter below.  We would all be a lot happier if Jeremy Hunt as Secretary of Health would spend his time sorting out the problems in the NHS instead of spending time trying to shift the blame.

Below is  Jeremy Hunt’s original tweet:
Jeremy Hunt @Jeremy_Hunt
Shocking revelations on @andyburnhammp’s attempts to cover-up failing hospitals. We’re legislating to make sure this can never happen again.  2:57pm · 4 Oct 13 · web.


And he tweeted his letter after receiving the lawyer’s letter.

According to the BBC A spokesman for Andy Burnham said: “The secretary of state is clearly backtracking. His reply is an apology of sorts, but he seeks to re-write the tweet rather than delete it. We are considering his response in consultation with our lawyers.” ( )


About mpswhobetrayedthenhs

I am passionate about the NHS and feel it should be protected as a national treasure and should not be tampered with for party political reasons.
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